The Shelf

This page is dedicated to all the books I have personally read. This page will contain my brief review of books with its link to buy

  • Shoe Dog – Phil Knight

This is the best book i have read till date. You must read this if you want to start a business and need some really important motivation. The book is written in really quirky and fun way everyone will enjoy this book a lot. You can buy this here from Amazon .

  • The MAUS – Art SpiegelmanThe Maus is a book about a Jewish family living in the Nazi time. The Story is really touching and it may make you weep at some parts of the story. Also this is a graphic novel so take it what its worth.Buy it here.


  • Ready Player One – Ernest Cline The story took place in the 2040s, where the world is completely different. This is arguably one of the best science fiction books ever written. The movie Ready Player One is obviously based on this book. Buy it here.